Exposant:  Lens op de mens Internationaal Fotofestival in Pelt 2023.

Exposant en Award Winner:  Lens op de mens Internationaal Fotofestival in Pelt 6 juni 2021 tem 30 september 2021.

Ik kreeg met foto 281 als Award een eervolle vermelding op deze internationale tentoonstelling.  






In oktober 2020 kreeg ik verschillende bronzen medailles bij de "Rise International Photography Awards 2020".


Contest with entries from 79 countries.

Gold Award: over 90 points  

Silver Award: between 80 and 89 points

Bronze Award: between 75 and 79 points


The aim of the RISE awards is to encourage photographers across the world to strive for excellence, and provide them with feedback from qualified and experienced photography judges. 

We truly believe the feedback you receive will help you to refine your photography to be the best that you can be. 

And please don’t be disheartened If you do not receive an award this year, use that as motivation to grow and achieve higher results next year. 

If you did receive an award you should be very proud and share your achievements.

In the past 2 years The Rise International Photography Award has had over 7000 entries from photographers form all over the world.



In mei 2019 kreeg ik een eervolle vermelding bij de Child photo competition  CPC.

The best photo competition in child portraiture.


Openluchttentoonstelling 2020 in Laarne.

"Zicht op Laarne"

V1 monument Kalken, Raadzaal oud-gemeentehuis Laarne, Vaartplein Kalken , Pastorijtuin Kalken, Den Brink Laarne.